Which Baby Read Program Should Be Selected for Babies in 0-12 Months

Baby Read Program
We have a basic discourse that we keep repeating. Which baby read program should be selected for babies in 0-12 months period regardless of what happens to the baby.

We have a basic discourse that we keep repeating. Which baby read program should be selected for babies in 0-12 months period regardless of what happens to the baby. The most valuable, most joyful and happy player in his life is his parent and/or caregiver, and this neurological-based phenomenon continues until the age of 3 years. Therefore, babies before the age of 3 often cannot play together with their peers, they get bored with their toys very quickly. Baby read program in parallel with the development of the cerebral cortex, in the 36th months we observe that the child now pays a different and closer attention to his peers.

0-12 months baby read program for this reason, we recommend that our Dear Baby Intelligence cards be used interactively, since it is unlikely that the baby’s right brain will be active and record in environments where the baby is constantly left alone with educational tools and equipment without unconditional love and attention. Especially the period of 0-6 months is a very special period that is the basis for healthy attachment for the parent and/or caregiver.

We say that the parent can and should read books to the baby in the period 0-12 months from birth, because the love of books and the habit of reading books are much more developed in childhood and adolescence in babies who meet the book phenomenon from birth.

This is because the baby brain works and grows at an incredible rate in the first year of life, and during this period, it associates every life with the survival phenomenon, which is the main function of the brain, without exception, and records it as permanent learning. (initial synaptic connections!)

This is why it is so important to place the book object in the brain as a pleasant phenomenon in 0-6 months, introduce the baby to the book and read a book.

Baby read program we recommend that these readings be particularly short, but in rituals that are repeated through during the day. It should never be forgotten that the attention span of the baby compared to adults is very short and the reading should be stopped as soon as the interest is dissipated.

Which books should be selected for babies in 0-12 months period you should take care that your tone is clear and melodic. It is also worth noting that in the first 3 months your readings are against the baby and without covering your face behind the book, the baby is in such a way that you can see both you and the book, since catching eye contact with your baby at every opportunity during the bonding period will also be supportive in terms of healthy attachment. Babies are usually very relaxed after their sub-changes, and your baby will love and enjoy taking advantage of this time and doing your short book readings during these intervals. You should make sure that the language of the books to be selected for this period is simple and the sentences are short.

Baby language development in the process of 6-12 months, reading a fairy tale story to your baby, especially before sleep, will also be an activity that will be useful to you as a ritual of preparing him for sleep.

During the period of 6-12 months, development accelerates in the speech center in your baby’s brain. During this period, the baby tends to listen to the phonetics of the sounds he hears around him and strives to make sounds such as single syllable ba – ma to repeat the sounds he hears.

In this process, reading to your baby frequently will help him develop his speech and language skills.

If baby books are to be books to be given to the baby’s hand, except for fairy tales and/or story books, there should be multicolored and glossy, paper-coated books with pages coated on cardboard, which are basically essential items that often contain side functions, such as gums or fabric and rustle, containing 3D pop up-type surprises, because the book must first be of interest to the baby, appealing to multiple senses, and durable.

Baby read program in summary, baby books for 0-6 months and 6-12 months should be basically toy format books.

Baby reading for babies in the period of 0-12 months, therefore, books with strollers, rustling audio fabric books, books with gums, toy format books such as bathroom books will be the most accurate choice.

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