0-6 Age Baby Read Program and Language Development

Baby Read Program and Language Development
0-6 age baby read program and language development a variety of ways children learn the perfect language there are opinions.

0-6 Age Baby Read Program and Language Development

0-6 age baby read program and language development a variety of ways children learn the perfect language there are opinions. Psycholengusistic Vision, children’s language they have innate tendencies to apply their rules; Behavioral Opinion, verbal behavior of children, Other for being rewarded selectively by people he argues that he has learned. Semantic-Cognitive Vision, talk about children’s emotional experiences while stating that they have learned a language for the purpose of, Socioleng├╝istic View, children’s socialization and language to direct the behavior of others what you’ve learned; The Interactive View is that babies that they are ready to learn to speak and baby language development that the environment he argues that he taught them to speak. In fact, the first signs of language in the child are it is possible to take it all the way to the crying that begins. First sound in the baby according to Baymur it’s yelling. It’s a reflex, just like yawning movement.

For example baby read program, the baby is hungry, thirsty, pain and the way they shouted their aches at those around them, and she cries. Although shouting is language although it is not worth the value of this movement, breathing and in terms of reacting to the operation of the sound organs it is ready to talk. From baby read program the second month onwards, this phase is to some extent it closes and is replaced by calls. Baby, all celebrities, especially a and e, almost all consonants, mostly b, p, m; also no adult it makes some sounds that it can’t imitate. These sounds is not available in any cultural language and is detected by writing And it’s impossible. These sounds are the simplest by connecting over time they take syllable shapes. You need baby read program.

Language and Speech

Baby language and speech, I don’t want to hear this. likes it and repeats it. And then the people around him begins to imitate and repeats the only sounds it hears works. This is not a conversation, but it’s the baby’s inner it can be said that it is the first expression of the world. Baby, 9-12 months he can say his first words between them. This period is “the only word circuit”. In one Word Maybe it’ll tell you a lot. For baby reading example, the word “mother”, “Where’s Mommy?”, “Mommy’s here.”, “Mommy, I’m hungry.”, It can mean something different, like, “Mom, I want water.” A great deal of vocabulary in this period the section is made up of names. These are the baby’s directly related and people and objects with whom it interacts names. By the way, some of the adjectives of objects words are also said. But these are just expressions should not be considered an adjective: cici, poop, etc.

This The most important thing about the circuit is that the babies are not yet many words and phrases they can’t say that they understand, at least they sense. It’s in this circuit again the baby sees similarities between all the objects he can give you the same name. Cat, dog, rabbit, sheep, lamb etc. can call animals “kitty”. The baby is able to understand the value and importance of language from the age of one and shows a desire to get it. Mental development the more it increases, the more it means to the item. and the fact that everything has a name he can understand after his age. This understanding, at the same time it is the first step towards mastering the baby read program tongue.

Language Development

Language development in this circuit, the vocabulary is extensive. Names first, then verbs and finally adjectives are acquired. The vocabulary is the one that interests the baby and it’s about what’s found. Now it’s two and a few words sentences manifest themselves. Your words are begins to comprehend their relationship and shapes to form new sentences. Experts most of them believe that the most important stage in children’s language development combining words into a sentence they merge when there is a phase. At this stage, the general 18-20 months. Eighteen to babies younger than the month, words in a sentence to bring it together in studies are often found to be useless.

After the age of two, the childhood circuit begins. This in the circuit, children’s language development is fast. Biologists have found that the human brain they are explained by reaching. Structural of the human brain when the growth of care is examined, two years there is a marked increase in them. Brain this maturation is seen both in the development of the language and to see an immediate growth and change in body coordination. The most important stage in children’s language development, is the stage of making words into a sentence. Achieving this is a way of achieving syntax knowledge and skills it occurs by winning.

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